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People talking about Worlds Next Door

Crisetta at Aurealis Xpress: “…a completely satisfying, wonderful collection…

Sarah Parker (Callistra) at Last Short Story: “…enjoyed every story…

Natalie Maddalena at A Writer Goes on a Journey: “…really enjoyable read…

Daniel Simpson: “There are so many excellent stories in this collection…

Russell Blackford: “Consistently high level…

George Ivanoff at ASif!: “…a fab little anthology…”

Tania at Kids Book Review: “…a book that gives us tempting little slices of cleverness in the realm of magical writing…”

Dee White at Kid’s Book Capers: “I love the diversity of this collection.”

The lovely folk at the Avid Reader Bookshop reviewed Worlds Next Door and Australis Imaginarium in the November issue of their newsletter, saying of WND: “…you’d be hard pressed to find a better introduction [to Spec Fic].”

Tansy Rayner Roberts from Last Short Story names Dirk Flinthart’s story, “The Best Dog in the World”, as one of her highly recommended reads of 2010.

Kevin Steinberger reviewed Worlds Next Door in Magpies (an Australian reviews journal for libraries), and writes: “The beauty of such an anthology is the diversity of stories. For some children, fantasy is narrowly synonymous with Harry Potter-like make believe. This collection will widen their experience and broaden their perception of fantasy with its representation of sub-genres such as sci-fi and horror, albeit of an aptly agreeable kind. In other words, an entree into different worlds of imagination.”

Merriwyn Spicer-Wensley reviewed Worlds Next Door for Fiction Focus, saying: “… an admirable collection of speculative fiction …” and “… just a few examples of the rich variety of stories and teaching opportunities offered by Worlds Next Door, which will prove a useful resource for English teachers.

Pat Pledger at Read Plus says: “An engaging collection of speculative fiction … this is an excellent collection for both the library and the English faculty.”

Ian Nichols in The West Australian newspaper (14 December 2010) says: “… any kid would enjoy reading this.”

Ian also discussed WA indie press, including FableCroft, extensively in an article in the West Australian on January 13, 2011.

Russell Farr at ticon4 reviewed the book, saying: “…thoroughly satisfying tales…

On Goodreads, Liz Grzyb said: “…younger readers will definitely enjoy it.

Kaia at Jumbled Words offered her thoughts on the book here.

On Goodreads, Martin Livings said: “charming and well-written … I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this collection to the young or the young-at-heart!

Editor Tehani Wessely was interviewed for the two newspapers – the text for one is available online.

Tehani blogged about the book launch for Worlds Next Door here.

Tehani was interviewed in a Drive By with Angela Slatter here.

To purchase copies of the book, please visit the FableCroft website – discounts of up to 20% are available for purchases of five or more copies (five copies = 5% discount, 10 copies = 10% discount, 15 copies = 15% discount, 20 or more copies = 20% discount). All e-book formats also available from Smashwords, or email the publisher for site licence options.

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